Sunday, April 3, 2011

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My brother sent me a text and asked "what's up with Gmail Motion"? Does he mean Google +1 I thought? Google has all but changed the world a few times over and now with it's +1 recommendation feature in Google Searches expect more changes in search results worldwide. I do remember seeing something about this Gmail Motion earlier on April 1st day but as usual I was busy. I let the text sit in my in inbox and went about my day.

Note to self: Look into Gmail Motion

For those of us that use Gmail on a daily basis you know that we have a public profile that that is searchable and we can make private if we like. We also know that Gmail has a BUZZ feature that we can use to share social media with our friends. Google recently launched it's +1 recommendation feature where you click a "like" or "plus" button to recommend the website to your friends. People will want to see websites that their friends recommend is the idea. Facebook is far ahead in the game with it's "Like" button. You can "Like" just about everything on the internet.

You can imagine my surprise in hearing that Google launched another new product two days after the March 30th launch of +1? I was signing out of my Gmail later on that evening and I saw a video about Gmail Motion. I was greeted by Google's Product Manager, Paul McDonald. Google claimed to have developed a user interface to send and receive email via hand and body motions. At the end of the video it said click here to try the product then APRIL FOOLS!

It was hands down the April Fools joke of 2011. A lesson in using social media for viral marketing, branding and advertising. The youtube video has registered 5,271,590 views as I write this and 15,102 comments. It has been a topic of conversation even for the Google haters and they have us all wondering how we can use +1 to achieve our targeted advertising goals.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bruce Porter Jr & Emme Marino Marriage Proposal Kastles Tennis Washington Post DC

The Washington Kastles win the world Team Tennis Tittle, Along with the show included a marriage proposal (Washington Post article) by government contractor and international ice dancer Bruce Porter Jr to one of the Washington Capitals Red Rockers, DC's own Emme Marino. Bruce is known worldwide as the Social Networks Manager and they both own EmmeGirls LLC, a national modeling agency.

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The EmmeGirls runway models walked the runway at the Green Cup of Polo Eco Fashion Show. DC's own Emme Porter was the assistant producer of the show as well as staffing all of the Emme Girls Models.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bruce Porter, Jr.

Bruce Porter, Jr.
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